Sunday 02.26.23 Toy Kitchen

Now I completely understand why people hire other people to put things together.

Took me four hours to put this toy kitchen from Ikea together. I almost gave up. I started over three times.

But it was worth it. This little kitchen fits perfect inside the Sienna.

Meanwhile, I have stacks of stuff to go inside the van. First think I got was a fridge/freezer. Then I got two solar generators with solar panels to keep the fridge/freezer going when the Sienna is turned off. I also have a 400 watt heater.

This is my emergency toilet.

A ring camera.

A 400 watt toaster oven. Then there are the window rain visors and window coverings.

I have a propane/butane single burner coming and a batterie operated faucet for my little kitchen.

I still need a water container that I can refill from the outside.

Then I just need a partial floor and a bed/couch. I don’t know anyone that does carpenter/wood work, so that will probably be the hardest to get accomplished. I still have about 8 weeks until I get the van, so I still have time.


2 thoughts on “Sunday 02.26.23 Toy Kitchen”

  1. For a bed, I used a Folding Army Cot. After a few nights, I did not like the way it sagged, it hurt my back. I went to Lowe’s and got plywood cut to fit. Put that on and a thick Memory foam mattress. Perfect!

    1. Yes, I was thinking of a cot at one time, but figured it would not be firm enough. I’m still going for the bed/couch that Eric enjoys Earth on Youtube built.

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