Monday, 05.16.23 Bed/Couch update.

I did get the seat covers in and really like them. They are heavy-duty!!!

At first, I thought that the covers made the seats harder and prevented the seats from compressing down. So I was hitting my head and had to sit somewhat bent over. I took the covers off, but it didn’t make much difference. I had to shorten the legs on the bed/couch.

This was last Wednesday. The service crew was trying to see what would be the best place to install the NOCO AC Port Plug.

With this plug installed, I can get electricity from a campground or someone’s house without having to have the windows or the hatch open for an extension cord to go through. They ended up deciding to cut a hole on the left rear side. Hopefully, this will happen sometime this week.

At least it will be easy to remove everything from the van since I’ve had practice after last week.

I pulled the bed/couch out last Sunday so that I could cut the legs a couple of inches and finish staining the parts I couldn’t get to while it was installed.

I also finished staining the folding seats.

Then I covered everything with Polyurethane.

I left everything out over night since it wasn’t supposed to rain. It sure helped a lot with the stink from the stain!!

That wood behind the van is the base for the shelving unit I’m building.

I was a nervous wreck while trying to scribe the wood to fit to the wall. I bought a Jigsaw and a Sander to help for 40 bucks. Thanks to Kurt W. I was not afraid to use them!!! 🙂

The 2,000 watt generator and portable solar panel came in yesterday. This thing will probably live in the bottom of the trunk since it weighs a whopping 50 lbs. It will help power the Wave 2 AC and heater that I’m waiting on. After that I can figure out where everything goes. It will be a challenge!!


4 thoughts on “Monday, 05.16.23 Bed/Couch update.”

    1. Yes, I can’t wait to get on the road. I might have to take US 20. My sister posted that it goes all across the US. No interstate for me.

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