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Wow….it’s freaking…. 11/15/2012

….30 degrees out here and it’s only 10:15 PM.  There was ice on the iQuteness when I walked out of the door at work tonight.  When I got home I could smell the smoke coming from one of the houses down the street that must have a fireplace going.  I love that smell.  Everything was quiet except for the sound of the hated ambulance going down the street…sigh.   When I walked in my cold ass kitchen, I heated up some food and fixed myself a hot cup of chocolate.   Ha, but it sure is nice and cozy in my room.

I need to get something to cook tomorrow while I’m out chasing a car in Gainesville.  I’m thinking of fixing Pizza Chili.  The recipe sounds delicious, so I’ll gather up the ingredients on the way back.  I sure hope it tastes as good as it reads. 🙂

I had a bit of an issue with my bank this week.  I had deposited a check in person, inside the bank, on Friday.  The next day when I checked on it online, they had listed it as a withdrawal, not a deposit.  The bank was already closed by the time I saw the mistake on Saturday…closed on Sunday….and closed on Monday for the holiday.    LOL…talk about messing up my balance.  By Monday night stuff was bouncing all over the place and the overdraft protection kicked in.  I know many people my age that hate computers, hate all the technology and are still writing checks to pay their bills.  I’m sure glad I’m not one of them.  I wouldn’t have noticed this screw-up until my statement came in next month.  Even though I do have a love/hate relationship with my computer, I sure love all the technology that comes with it.

I just took my nightly LDN and am going to hit the sack.  Sweet dreams to everyone, I know that mine will be.

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Heating Problem Fixed 11/02/2012

I went and got a heavy-duty 15 amp extension cord and exchanged it with the one  was using.  The Lasko heater is 15 amp.  This extension cord does not get hot, so I’m feeling much better about using it.  I’m cozy warm in my room and the breaker is not tripping anymore.

My “trash can always at the front door, car alarm going off all hours of the night, cursing screaming little kids, toys all over the street, outdoor living room loving, loud talking in the middle of the night,  annoying neighbors”  have moved out.  I am such a happy woman!   I already feel sorry for their new neighbors.  I’m hoping for a set of nice quiet neighbors with well-behaved kids, to move in next.

One of my clients emailed me that they did not want me to chase anything until further notice due to Sandy up and down the east coast.   Well, another client apparently doesn’t give a lovely, and sent me on two chases yesterday and two today.   I was in a highrise apartment building, in an elevator.   This is the sign posted. …

It thought it was so funny.  You couldn’t fit 21 people standing on top of each other triple stacked in this elevator.  What were they thinking?

Every night when I get home, I get greeted by Silly when  I get in.  I’m pretty sure that she knows the sound of my car.   For the first 5 minutes she is steady talking to me…probably cursing me out for being gone so long.  Then it’s a race upstairs to my bathroom where she patiently waits for me to come and turn the faucet on.  She is such a trip!!


Teri at Curlz and Swirlz….Life with Cornish Rex cats, and a Sphynx named Disco NoFurNo put up a Halloween video….she and her cats.  LOL  The Monster Mash….Curly Swirly Type.  Thanks for the giggle, Teri 🙂

I’m so very happy with WordPress.  It caught 53 spam comments and I didn’t even have to do anything.  I am going to check and see if all of them are truly spam….yep, they are spam.  Spell check is pretty awesome too.  Much better than Blogger.  I wish I would have made the switch a long time ago.