Long Week

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I didn’t go anywhere, just stayed home.

No weekend off this time around. All of us in the sales department were tested for Covid Wednesday before last. Every one tested negative….so we thought. Well, Monday morning came around and two people were told that there had been a mistake and they were positive.

One of the two was my relief. Until she comes back I’m going to cover for her shift.

I got up at 3 AM so that I could take care of a few things before work….like washing my clothes.

Tomorrow will be a short day, noon until 5. I’ll do my grocery shopping and the rest of the laundry before work.

I’m at work now, looking at our poor chairs. These are not worn, they have been picked at by our nice customers who care so much about other peoples property.

This is what I find on the floor under the chairs almost every day. It really pisses me off!!! They just sit there and destroy our chairs. They are only a few years old and now look like crap.

There is nothing better than getting pissed off first thing in the morning. My nice neighbors shit in their own nest. I keep on having to tell myself: Hang in there, just two more years!!!

Okay, that’s enough bitching for today. Phew….I feel much better now!!! Thanks, Sis 🙂

Got my shipment of new nail goodies last week. Hopefully I’ll have time to put some new wraps on tomorrow.

Good News… the end of next week I should be almost debt free. Then it will be time to squirrel any spare money toward the Promaster. I’m so excited…it’s getting closer…finally!!

I hope that everyone has a great week. 🙂


New fans and lunch goodies for next week

Smaller containers

These are the two containers I decided to use.

Computer Fans

This is one for my room with the USB plug.

This one is for my bathroom. They both work great and I absolutely love them.

Chef 600 watt microwave

I finally found a microwave oven that is low enough in wattage that I can use it in my kitchen. It’s great not to throw the breakers off every time it is put to use. I think that 600 watts is about the lowest available. I will also be able to use this in my van.

Sauerkraut with Bacon

This weeks lunch is boneless pork chops with sauerkraut smothered in bacon.

Yummy goodness for next weeks lunch. Oh, almost forgot. Chocolate Fudge Cheese Cake Ice Cream.

….. with a hand full of Pecans on top.

This weeks 5 Minute Glam Nails