Sunday, April 30.23 Bed Build

I went to Mt. Jackson yesterday to see Kurt. He kindly volunteered to help me with my van-build.

It was a beautiful drive and I got to try out the radar cruise on my Sienna. I absolutely loved. I set it to the speed I want. When some one slows down in front of me, it automatically slows my vehicle down. When I start to pass a vehicle, it automatically speeds pack up to the speed I set it for. Pretty amazing!!! I will be using this feature at lot. 🙂

Here is Kurt putting on the legs of the bed.

The floor turned out beautiful. Very sturdy. Kurt took great care and everything had to be just right.

I am going back to see Kurt today. Of all things, I forgot the hinges for the bed.

Meanwhile, this was my job this morning. Cutting up my mattress in sections with a meat cutting knife. Ha, this is probably the first and last time I will use that knife. It cut the mattress like butter.

It’s been raining all morning including one thunderstorm. Finally it let up enough for me to go outside.

Loaded up and ready to go.

I meant to pay attention to the gas prices yesterday, but completely forgot about it. I guess I’ll fill up before I go. It will be the first time.

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