Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Can’t believe I haven’t been on here in six weeks.  When Sue wrote a comment to my post, I decided it was about time for me to get my butt in gear and post something.
I’ve been pretty swamped with inspections and car chases for the last month and a half, sending me in areas that I normally don’t handle, like almost in West Virginia.

I was so far from home that I even ran into snow covered roads.

Last week Wednesday, I spent all day in DC inspecting 15 apartment buildings.  Round trip, even though it’s only 30 miles, I  drove for 5 hours.  I intended to turn this job down, but the money was just too fast and good to pass up.  I was up until 1:30 this morning, uploading reports, photos and sketches of the buildings.
LOL….thought of today:

I went to chase a car in Fairfax a few weeks ago.  The building was having a bunch of work done on the inside and I was wondering, while looking at the walls,
what caused all the damage.

 I was told that the damage was from the earthquake we had back in August last year.

In other news, my room mates are moving out the middle of next month, so T-Jay and I will have the house to ourselves.  Lots of cleaning and re-arranging to be done after they leave.  It will be kind of nice for me to be able to get my dishes out of the shed and put them in my kitchen again. 🙂
I am happy to say that I’m keeping the weight I lost off without any problem, but I’m sure that staying off of grains and sugar is the reason.  I’m staying between 160 and 163 and I’m happy with that.  I feel awesome.
I’m still taking 4.5 ml of LDN nightly.  Still no return of the pre-cancerous skin, no colds, no boils, no migraines, and no painful bone spurs. 
LOL…the only drawback is that I can never call in sick.
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