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Slight Mod Bug On My Scion iQ 12/05/2012

I friend of mine brought up my car modification bug addiction a couple of months ago.  He asked me if I had any plans to modify the iQ.  I told him that I was trying not to get started. 🙂

This is what he sent me for my birthday.  The iQ badge out of Japan.

Of course I couldn’t wait to remove the badge that came on the iQuteness.

The badge came with two plastic prongs which do not line up with the centered hole on the bumper.  For now it is off centered.  I did not want to just stick it on while it is cold outside. It will  stick much better once it warms up outside.

I’ve got four car chases this morning.  I’d better get on it. 🙂

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Becoming a Watkins Associate

Last weekend I became an independent Watkins associate.  Something else to bring in a few bucks.  Watkins has been around for more than a hundred years.  They carry items that I use every day and the whole retail business  side is mobile and can be done anywhere in the US and Canada.   I should have started earlier so that I could take full advantage of the holiday season.


I ordered a few items and some business cards this morning, so hopefully I will get them in a few days. I found a few of their items at Wal-mart and at Target. While I’m waiting on my order, I put to use a few sheets of Avery post card stock paper I had and made up some cards with my info on it.    I’m getting myself familiar with their products via their website.   I wish I would have had time to order a few catalogues for  Christmas, but it was too late.  Instead I ordered catalogues for next year.  That’s fine too, after all 2013 is right around the corner.