Happy Freaking Friday 9/30/2011

I hate Fridays!!!  Mainly because it is followed by Saturday, which is my longest day.  On Saturday usually work 10 hours, sometimes more.  On top of that, by tonight I will probably have a few assignments in my email box that need to be taken care of on the weekend.  Oh…and on top of THAT, today is the end of the month, so I’ll have to stay at Miller’s until the last car for the day is sold.  Lets hope that all the customers will be nice and come in early to buy. 🙂  Can’t wait until Monday….my favorite day 🙂

Looks like it’s time to pull the heater out of the shed.  It’s going to get down into the low 40’s tonight.  Since I my room is on the ground floor, it always stays chilly when it gets colder while everybody else upstairs is burning up.  For the past week I’ve been sleeping with my door wide open, but I think I’ll keep it closed tonight.

I just called my dental insurance  AGAIN.  I had 19 teeth pulled over a month ago and was waiting on my reimbursement check.  When I called them two weeks ago, I found out that they had sent it to an old address that I had three years ago, at The UPS Store in Warrenton.  When you leave The UPS Store, they refuse to forward any of your mail.   So I had to wait until today to call them to re-issue the check.  It will take 10 to 14 days for them to do so.  Sucks big time…Rat Bastards.  I’m waiting for that money to come back to me so that I can call a doctor in Pennsylvania for a telephone consultation to enable me to get a prescription for LDN.  It will probably cost me around 200 bucks, but it’s way cheaper than going to a local holistic doctor that doesn’t take insurance.

My low fuel gauge has been blinking for three days.  Last night I put up sticky notes by my desk to remind myself to get fuel before I went home.   Wouldn’t you know it, I forgot again.   Maybe if I would have pasted it to my forehead, then I might have seen it in the rear view mirror and I might have remembered.    I sure hope I remember it today.  Sure would hate to have to call someone because I’m out of fuel.

Not much else going on.  Washed clothes, ironed, and pampered myself for a change.  Time to eat some lunch, then the gas station, then work.  In that order…I hope!

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