LOL….Me taking care of plants?


This is the first time in 13 years at Miller’s that I have appointed myself to take care of the Poinsettias. Me, the killer of plants. So far so good. All are living and no leaves are falling. I must admit that I have been talking to them, begging them not to let me down in front of my co-workers.

My twin mattress arrived. It took a couple of hours to inflate. It never stops amazing me how they can fit that mattress in such a little box. It’s been many years since I’ve had to sleep on a twin size bed. It will take some getting used to. So far so good….I haven’t fallen out of the bed yet.

So far I have only bought new fitted sheets. I doubled up my down comforter and secured it with safety pins. Then I centered it inside the full size duvet. Nice and warm and I like the way the edges cover the area under the bed.

My body pillow was the biggest issue. No way I can sleep with a pillow that’s almost as tall as I am in a twin size bed. So instead of buying a smaller pillow, I cut this one almost in half pinned it and then hot glued it together.

Next I had to get rid of the blue light on this docking station. I was getting on my last nerve at night. I couldn’t find my electrical tape so she had to wear a mask.

It’s been a busy week. I re-did my desk area again because I wanted to install a tray for my keyboard. I desk is not really a desk. It’s a tall bookcase turned on its side. Two of the former shelves were in my way and I didn’t want to remove them because that would weaken the desktop. I just changed everything around to make it fit.

This is how it looks now. I like how I now have way more desk space to work on.

I did a drive-by to my mom’s on Sunday. It was great to see her and she seemed in good spirits. Hopefully sometime next year we will be able to close enought to actually hug each other.

I’m going to vacuum and mop the kitchen. Then that’s it for today. I did the shopping at 6 AM so I have no need to leave the house again until Monday.

I’m really glad that I got to wash and detail my car last weekend. This week it snowed just enough to piss me off, but my car is still shiny.

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