It’s no hot water in the bathroom Sunday


It was a lovely 9 degrees at 7 AM and I was too glad to see the sun come out to warm things up…kind a.  It won’t make it above freezing today, but I’m hoping that what ever froze to cause me not to have hot water in the bathroom will thaw out.  That has never happened before.  The cold water is fine.  Hot water in the kitchen is also fine.  Weird.  It’s really no big deal to take a bath in the kitchen, though I know some people that would be totally freaking out right about now, phoning their friends, family and heading to some ones house to shower.

Yesterday, Wilber let me leave at 5 PM instead of 7.  The roads were really bad and it took 48 minutes to drive home the 10.2 miles.  The other drivers were behaving well and I got home without using my breaks.  There are a few steep hills on the way here and I was glad that I could downshift to slow down.  I saw two cars in the ditch and was glad that I wasn’t one of them.

I got home just before it went completely dark….


Aaron had been nice enough to shovel me a path to my door through the yard.  Thanks Aaron 🙂



Had to check on my poor gnome….


After warming up my home, it was time to put on the slow cooker.



Spicy Cajun smoked sausage, pork ribs, onions, garlic, celery and green peppers.  Yummy :) 

At 7 PM I got a call from the snow removal company that we do work for.  Ruben and his crew have been out in Centreville since 8 last night.  That’s 13 hours as of now.  I really hope that I get a call from him soon letting me know that they are finished.  I really hate it when they are out that long and worry about them in this bitter cold.  It’s sad, but for many of his crew this is the only work they have been able to get in many weeks.

Millers is open today, so I’ll be going in at noon until 5.  I better get ready since I don’t know how long it will take for me to get there.


It’s Snowing :)

 This was from the night before last, when it was till spring time…well sort of 🙂
Last night I parked close to my door, since the ground was frozen, and loaded up my empty propane tank.  This morning it started to snow on my way to Millers and it hasn’t stopped yet.  We are expecting between 4 and 8 inches….depending on what weather forcast I’m looking at.  Ha, one says it’s just cloudy in Manassas….maybe someone should look out of the window???
I have a couple of car chases in the Culpeper area tomorrow, but I’ve already given my client the heads up about the incoming snow.  When I mapquested the addresses I could see that they both are located in the boonies, so the roads won’t be in too good a shape.  LOL…one of the addresses is off of partially dirt and gravel roads.  No way I’m bringing the Evil Twin out there!!
Looks like it’s going to be a slow day today.   Not too many people are coming out in this mess to buy cars.
The phone calls about the recall have slowed down too.  It looks like people are starting to calm down after the media milked this for all it was worth and then some.  If any of you have questions about the recall check with Toyota here and here.  Or you can always ask me and I will get the answers for you.