No Cricket for me :(

Looks like I’m stuck with Verizon until I find something else that works out here with unlimited internet access.    I tried his out the Cricket at home the other night and it took 10 minutes just to load the program.  Another 5 minutes just to get to my emails.  I knew right then I would never be able to upload any photos for my reports.  Meanwhile, I’ll borrow T-Jay’s Cricket Broadband for when I get close to my 5GB limit. It worked great while I had it at work in Manassas yesterday.  Oh well, I tried.  On to my mission to find a unlimited replacement for Verizon.

We had an incredible thunderstorm last night.  I was trying to get some photos of the lighting out of my bedroom window, but had no luck of catching any of it.  I’ll have to play with the settings on my camera.

This morning I took these…


Sweet peas…..I can’t believe how fast they came up.  It took only two days for them to sprout.


That’s my tomato plant going crazy.  It’s the first one that I planted.


First strawberry blossom.


I have no clue to what this is. ^^^^^ Any ideas?


First blossom on cucumber and the first on the green beans on the right. It’s amazing what 12 hours will.  I sometimes think that I could sit there and watch them grow. 🙂


Chasing cars in Purcellville, VA

I left the house before 7 this morning in order to get to the first address by 8 AM.  I figured that traffic was going to be pretty bad and most of the 22 mile stretch was off and on two lane highway.  Due to the FDCPA guidelines, I can’t knock on anyone’s door until 8 AM.  I got there way early, so I sat across the street and talked to neighbors that were outside taking their trash to the street. 

There have been many times that I have been very glad to have a phone with internet and this was one of those days.  Since I couldn’t find the person that I was looking for, I found out enough information to type into Google to give me the address to one of the places that he works at.

After finishing my chases I decided to visit a farm stand that I had been reading about on one of the Yahoo Groups that I belong to, the Loudoun_Locavores.   The stand was just a few miles away somewhere on John Wolford Road.  My phone came in handy again, since I didn’t have the physical address to the place.  Went to the Loudoun_Locavores and there was the address.



I picked up some Spinach, eggs and some Strawberries.  Then I stopped by The Natural Mercantile of Hamilton…



I picked up some home grown BACON… I have missed bacon!!!! :)  I also picked up a bar of soap.  I thought  of Guy when I picked the scent.


I’ve noticed that every since I started buying soap with only a handful of ingredients in them, I have no soap film in my tub.  LOL…is this normal?  It’s kind of freaking me out.  LOL…just kidding, I love it!

I made it back home by noon.  Washed my Spinach and sautéed it with red onion and two slices of bacon. 


…..and a lovely lunch I had!  Now if my veggies would just hurry up!!!