What a Lovely Sunday We Had Today


It’s looking more and more like winter in our neck of the woods. 🙂



My two boxes. 🙂



First thing this morning I drove to beautiful Leesburg for a couple of car chases.   It was so beautiful outside and so relaxing…..I just wanted to keep on driving until I couldn’t drive anymore.

At noon I went to work at Millers until five.  Then I treated myself to a lovely dinner at Mimi’s Cafe at half price thanks to the coupon that they sent me. 🙂


I started off with a cup of Mexican Coffee with a generous shot of Tequila.  It was delicious 🙂 Then spinach dip and a 12 oz steak.

I arrived at home to find my pussy taking over my chair.


Checked up on Blog Land and saw that my sister had added some photos on her site.   She’s also opened a store at Red Bubble .  She takes some really beautiful pictures.  It always puzzles me how I can take a photo of the same thing that she does, but mine never turns out so well.  She’s got a real eye for it.  She has tons of photos…..I just wish she would share more of them. 😦

I found the Bromelain at the Vitamin Store on Friday, so I’ve been taking it with the Turmeric since Friday night.  My toothache is almost gone.  This will give me time to chose a dentist instead of picking the first available one off of the provider list.

I couldn’t find any Piperine.  I’ll keep on looking for it.  In the meantime, the Bromelain is doing the trick.

I noticed this morning that the purple scarring from the boils is just about gone.  I guess that means I won’t have to buy that concealer makeup for my thigh in case I have to get naked somewhere?


Turmeric (Curcumin) and Black Pepper (Piperine)

CIMG5273 CIMG5274

Every since I started taking Turmeric whenever I feel a boil flaring up, I have had no outbreaks of full blown boils.  I was reading up on it today.

Curcumin, a compound from the herb turmeric, is known for fighting pain, inflammation, and infection. The action of curcumin, and thereby its effectiveness, is increased twenty-fold when it is taken with piperine.

I’ll be stopping by the Vitamin Shop in Manassas today to see what they have available since I don’t have a pepper mill.  If I did, I would ground my own and put it in capsules.

Something else that I’m going to check out while I’m there is bromelain which may reduce swelling, bruising, inflammation. In Germany, bromelain has been approved for these uses by the Commission E since 1993.

The main reason that I want to try this is because I’m working on a toothache. 🙂  I wonder how much it would cost to have 21 teeth removed.  Will they give me a discount for having more than one or two removed at the same time?  Volume discount?


I hope that everyone had a un-stressful, relaxing holiday yesterday.  I know I sure did.  Had a great dinner at my little sister’s home with my parents and her family.  I ate way too much and really shouldn’t have had that slice of home made apple pie with ice cream, but today is another day 🙂