Monday 05.29.23 Baskets for Cabinet

I was on my way to the Dollar Tree to find some baskets to fit in the cubby holes of my cabinet when I passed by 5 and Below. I’ve only once been in that store many years ago and decided to stop and check it out.

I found baskets that were a perfect fit. I will screw the top ones to the cabinet so they won’t fly around while I drive.

Then I made the bed with new bedding that I bought. It is so soft!!!

Then I installed the curtains made of a cloth shower curtain. I used office cubicle clips to hang them up. I also put up the window coverings by WeatherTech. They fit perfectly. The rest are stored behind the cabinet. I’m loving the blind spot monitors on the new Sienna. I won’t have any trouble driving with the windows covered.

Then I installed my Alpicool fridge/freezer. I hooked it up this morning, and it was cold within an hour. I’ll have to play with the settings a bit. The manual is in tiny print, which is really hard to read. I finally found a YouTube on it, and I hope to have it figured out before the end of today.

I was all set to hook up the kitchen and water yesterday, but my USB-powered faucet was nowhere to be found. I searched everywhere and ordered another one that should come in today.

It’s so slow at work today. I should have taken the holiday off.

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