You’ve got to be kidding!!!

I almost called my client this morning to see if they were joking when they e-mailed me an assignment….but then I wouldn’t have gotten paid.

The lender requested my client to send some one out to Lockheed Martin and deliver a collection letter to one of their employees.

LOL…don’t they know that place is like Fort Knox? WTF?

So, I went there and got to the security gate with my letter and asked them is Mrs….. worked there and if they could please deliver a letter to her.

The security officer kind of grinned and told me that he could not tell me if she did or did not work there and that they couldn’t accept any personal document for any of the employees.

I told him that I knew that, but I had to ask so that I could get paid. Then he showed me the way out. 🙂

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