Pig and Bersa

^^^I stopped by my Mom and Pop’s on the way home yesterday. Mom and I were in the yard when we noticed that the statue of the pig looked like it was growing a mustache. It turned out to be spiders. It looked pretty bizarre.

Two Tone Bersa Thunder 380

^^^^^Another stop on the way home was at Jimmy’s Va Pistol. He was having a nice sale for Father’s Day. I didn’t intend to buy anything, but he showed me the Bersa Thunder. LOL…He’s been teasing me for months for carrying such a “light weight” as my Walther P22.

I was shot in my right elbow back in 1983 and have had an issue of holding anything over a pound with my arm extended ever since. After he let me get a feel of the Bersa I decided to let him take my Walther into consignment. (After all, Guy says that I live in a bread box….so I won’t be needing 2 guns) After it is sold, I’ll still have a couple of bucks back in my wallet.

While doing the paperwork, and “getting permission” from the “government”, I was told that they were backed up and that it would take a couple of days to go through. LOL…I bought my first two handguns within 90 days on my Registered Alien card and it took about 20 minutes. Now I’m an American citizen and it takes days. I know this has nothing to do with it, but it still struck us as pretty funny.

…..so while I’m waiting and if I get into trouble, I’ll just throw a handful of 38’s at them.


4 thoughts on “Pig and Bersa”

  1. You poor man!!! You couldn't live out here with me. Spiders are everywhere. In the morning I have to brush of the spider webs from the Evil Twin.

  2. Arachnophobia is my middle name! I always have nightmares about being trapped with spiders all around me and I can't get away. Scares the hell out of Susie when I start twitching in my sleep, thank God she's there to wake me up!!!

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