Scion xD Release Series 2.0

^^^^ Our first Scion xD Release Series 2.0 came into the dealership last night. The color is called “Electric Wasabi”. We have the number 328 car out of 1,600 made.

^^^^^^I drove this xD for two weeks while I was waiting for the Evil Twin to get out of the shop after having a run-in with a deer. I told my insurance company that I had to have a Scion as a rental and Miller’s happened to have one that they used as a loaner. It’s a peppy little car. 🙂

I had a car show to go to that weekend, so Miller’s agreed for me to have Pag put some vinyl graphics on the car. LOL, I won two awards that day.


Joe….cleaning the printhead didn’t work for my printer. I did find a printhead replacement for 53 bucks, so I guess I’ll be back in business sometime next week. No more cheap ink for me.


I hope that everyone has a great holiday weekend. I don’t know what I’m doing tonight yet, but what ever it is, it won’t be too far from home base.


7 thoughts on “Scion xD Release Series 2.0”

  1. Yeah, I can't easily fit into those bitty cars, either. I'd love to have the ease of parking and the gas mileage, but anything that I have to climb down into or fold myself up like an origami sculpture is out. Plus, I have to haul building materials now and then. You couldn't put a 4×8 sheet of plywood in a Scion. Bet you couldn't even tie it to the top! Do they make a "bigger" Scion?

  2. tango…just getting over after your visits to me. what kind of "field inspector" are you? and if you posted on that if you could direct me to it that would be great! also i do LOVE those cars. i'm 6 feet tall and i don't fit comfortably into a lot of the smaller, peppy mobiles, which makes me sad. 😦

  3. Thanks KayDee. I wouldn't have given up too if I didn't have about 40 colored ink cartriges left for this printer. I would have hated to throw it out and get another brand. That stuff is more expensive than caviar.I've been in love with Scions since 2004 and refuse to drive anything else. Mainly because it's a great car for the money and Scion Corportion give back to it's owners instead of spending huge abounts of money on advertising.

  4. Sorry to hear about the printer. At least you tried to fix it. I probably would have given up straight away and got ripped off buying a whole new printer…lol.I like that little white car. I can just see me swanning around in that 🙂

  5. Thanks Kymber… Yeah….I've been wanting Sushi all day. :(Joe…I know it's still a lot, but it sure beats 80 bucks.I hope both of you have a great weekend….be safe!! I hear the noise from the fireworks way out here in the sticks, but it's not too bad.

  6. I have to say I don't like the green colour on the car.What a bummer about the printer! I'm glad you manged to find a printhead replacement, although that was expensive too!Happy 4th of July!

  7. i love "Electric Wasabi"!!! (now i want sushi!!!)i hope that no matter what you do over the holiday weekend – i hope you have a wonderful time!Happy Independence Day Tango!!!

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