Car Chases, Abandoned Houses

LOL…one of my co-workers e-mailed this to me.


Yesterday was a super long day for me. Four car chases and all of them were miles apart. I started driving at 7 AM…Fairfax, Woodbridge, Fredericksburg and then Warrenton. I didn’t make it back until 1 PM.

I had the most enjoyable time on a 12 mile stretch on Rt 1. I was driving, blasting “Make my Day” and minding my own business when a gold colored Sport Trac pulled up next to me in the left lane. A nice looking man, maybe in his early 40’s, slight accent, looked like he just walked out of the barber shop, rolled down the window and started talking to me. LOL, we kept all traffic on Rt 1 South from going over 55 miles per hour for 12 miles until I had to make a right.

This was the most excitement I’ve had in a while.

I MUST get out more. πŸ™‚


This morning I’m going to Strasburg, VA. Yes, I know, it’s 50 miles from home, but the client called me ahead of time and asked if I would take care of this one for double the fee.

When it’s done like this, I don’t mind, but my other client just slipped one in on me last night that’s 182 miles from home without even e-mailing or calling me. That’s the second time this client has done this and this one pays the lowest fees. WTF??? Do they think I won’t notice driving 3+ hours for a car chase and just go ahead and take care of it? What happened to the zip code list I sent them?? Ha, bastards!


One of my inspections yesterday took me to a house not two miles from my home. Sometimes I wonder what happened to the people that made theses houses their home.

^^^^ This home was found abandoned in May of this year.


5 thoughts on “Car Chases, Abandoned Houses”

  1. When they stay empty for a while, they slowly fall apart. Even though the house in the picture doesn't look like it, it is already starting to get that neglected look.

  2. Kymber…this is the first time I've gone to a home that was abandoned. It was on my mind for the rest of the day. That house has lost $300,000 in value in the last year and a half. A lot of people around here are stuck with $4,000 + mortgage payments and wouldn't be able to sell them to break even.Joe…believe me, if I hadn't had those car chases to do yesterday, I would have pulled over for him in a New York Second. Next time….it's about time for some R&R for me. πŸ™‚

  3. ya – it must sometimes be hard to do your job…you must wonder – was there a death? of the mother or father? a divorce? job loss? someone jailed? why do people up and abandon their homes? and that looked like a nice home where a family could live, grow and be happy…its kind of sad.

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