Removing a Patch of Skin

Phew….sure am glad that’s over with.

The procedure itself took less than 10 minutes. The other 40 minutes was spent giving me more shots because I kept on feeling the doctor cutting on me. The sound and feeling reminded me of using poultry scissors to cut up a chicken.

The size of the spot was smaller than a green pea, but he cut out a large, oval, 2-inch area to get all of the pre-cancerous growth. Then he stretched the skin and sewed it together. It took 5 stitches. He tried to cauterize the area but stopped since I kept on flinching because I could feel it.

The other spot was treated with chemicals and should just blister and the go away.

My forehead stayed numb for most of the day. Then it finally woke up, angry, right after 7 PM.

I was amazed to see/feel what facial muscles are involved in the smallest things. Since the skin is so tight right now, laughing, sneezing, coughing, being surprised, eating, chewing gum, etc., hurt. Any kind of emotion seemed to end up hurting.

This morning is much better. I even slept without tearing anything open.

The first 24 hours will be over with a little after noon. That’s when I will wash it for the first time. Since the cut is right at my hair line, I won’t be able to keep it bandaged. Combing and blow drying my hair should be interesting 😦

I go back in two weeks to get the stitches taken out.

I received two car chases last night. One of them is almost 30 miles away. I’ll put those off until tomorrow morning.

I was lucky that it was caught early. I almost didn’t bother because I have a lot of moles on my body and it took me a long time to realize that there was something not quite right with this one. If it had not been on my forehead where I see it every day, I probably wouldn’t even have noticed.


9 thoughts on “Removing a Patch of Skin”

  1. lol…I did use Guy's advise and tell the Fedex man that he should have seen the other guy. He doesn't know me, so he thought I was serious.

  2. Tango,Just a thought, not to make light of your surgery, my father law actually had that same procedure on his NOSE!But hey,When people ask you about your scar you couldn say,"oh its just a hairline crack"I was burned real bad about 12 years back, and I found it helpful to have a humorous response to peoples inquiries : )

  3. Tango – so glad that everything turned out okay – it'll take a while to heal so be careful brushing your hair and lay off the blowdryer for a bit – you don't want to accidentally rip out the stitches while brushing/blowdrying your hair – OUCH!i am super glad that they caught it early and in a day or two you won't even feel it anymore! make sure to take pics when the stitches come out!and powdergirl is right – VitaK will really reduce any scarring!!!Take care girl!

  4. Thanks for stopping by…I've missed you and your blog!! 😦 I'm glads that's over with and hope I won't have to do that again in life!!! It could have been on my nose :)Sorry to hear you had to go private. Though, it's probably a good thing I couldn't read anything you wrote last night. I would have ended up being in tears after first laughing.Thanks for the Vita K advice. I will give that a try.

  5. Oh Tango!What a thing to go through! My FIL has had a number of those removed and its just no fun at all. I'm glad you caught it early though, and as scars go, thats not a bad spot. I actually admire a well placed scar, it ads something.Oh, btw, I've had to go icky private on my blog for a while, I'd send you an invite but can't find your e-mail addy.If you still feel like stopping by send me a note at not, no probs. I'll still checking to see what you're up to. Topical vitamin K is really good for reducing scarring : )

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