Not enough that I hate Mondays….it had to be gloomy too



Hopefully we will get some sunshine tomorrow?

The Evil Twin is up for inspection this month and I still had that tail light issue.  Tony and Jeremy, from my extended Scion Evolution family, came through for me yesterday! :)  Jeremy driving all the way from Staunton VA and Tony all the way from Maryland, exchanged my tail lights back to stock.  Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!



My baggies are starting to sprout, only five days!!  That’s amazing!  Thanks Kymber and Katie 🙂

I went to Burnside Farm to pick up some eggs.  They are really delicious and a deep beautiful orange.  So much different from store bought eggs.  Even though I had bought “organic” eggs last week, those eggs looked nothing like this. Tasted different too.

I’m looking forward to going to Miller’s this afternoon.  My sister is bringing me a vegetarian bagel that she baked and the movie “King Corn”.

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