How to…..

……pussy proof your trailer so that your plants don’t get eaten up.
That shelf is a small desk area in my bedroom, which I have never used for that.  So this is where my plants live safely inside my home. 🙂
I had a wonderful day at my Mom’s yesterday.  We , talked, laughed, drank coffee, talked, laughed, went to Targets to pick up a cabinet for her bathroom, talked, laughed, ate fish and baby potatoes, talked, laughed, scratched our heads while trying to put that cabinet together, talked…..  I wish my sister would have been there.  She’s so good at putting things together.  Ha, the directions missed some directions…Rat Bastards.  We ended up putting the front on the back by accident.  That was after about two hours.  Mom refused to let me take the whole thing apart and start over.
I noticed this weird tree in the back yard
Looks like some insect has been abusing the tree trunk.
For the last three days my home has been invaded by large black ants…
I’ve been walking around all morning with my handheld vacuum and sucking those rat bastards up.  I have no idea where they are coming from.  I do not leave food nor dirty dishes around and I have no idea what they are attracted to.  Last night one even climbed in bed with me and bit me right on my ass cheek. Rat Bastard!!  When it stops raining, I’m going to walk around the outside of my home to see if I can spot where they are coming in at.
Yesterday flew by.  I really wish that time would slow down a bit!!


6 thoughts on “How to…..”

  1. Those are carpenter ants and they are attracted to wood and will make burrows into it, that is where they lay there eggs, time to call the exterminator. Usually nothing you can do to get rid of them. Inga

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