No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

My husband and I have been living separate for almost three years now.  When our company went belly up, I agreed to put the 2007 Tundra Limited in my name and let my husband drive it as long as he kept up the notes and insurance on it. He had stopped drinking after the 3rd DWI, which was dismissed, and was working regularly to support himself and take care  of the truck.    Everything was going as planned….so I thought.  I told him that if he ever started drinking and/or got in trouble for it, I would be finished with him.

Last Thursday night I received a call from a mutual acquaintance.  He said: “I think your husband is in jail”.  All he knew was that it happened in Fairfax County and involved an accident.

By Friday I had found out that the Tundra was not involved…..phew!!!!  I then went to his home and found out that he had gotten drunk, borrowed his friend’s truck and got into an accident.  He was booked for his 3rd DWI.  Luckily no one got hurt.  I had no idea where the Tundra was at that point and was totally freaking out. All I knew was that it was somewhere in Chantilly.  Saturday morning I put a photo of the Tundra on Facebook with a reward for anyone that could tell me where it was parked at.

Saturday night I managed to get the cell phone number of my husbands brother.  He then agreed to take me to where the Tundra was parked at.  It was a relief to see that it was okay.

Earlier I had been talking back and forth to the jail to see if I could get the keys released to me.  Apparently my husband had put someone else down to pick up his property and the deputy refused to let me get them until the paperwork was changed to my name.  He promised me that it would get done, but could not give me a timeline.  My husband had agreed to make the change.

Sunday I called the jail again at 3 PM and was told that the paperwork was not ready yet….to call back at 8 PM.  When I called again, I was told to come and pick the keys up.

T-Jay and I arrived at the jail at about 8:30. After 30 minutes someone came out with the paperwork.  The paper work had not been changed and again I was refused the keys.  By this time, being upset was an under statement!!  I was trying to explain to them that the truck is in my name and not my husband….that I needed to get the truck to safety before something happened to it.  Talking to the deputy was like talking to a brick wall.  Then I was told that my husband had changed his mind.

Finally after giving up, we went to Chantilly to where the truck was parked.  In order to have replacement keys made, the Tundra needed to be at the dealership so that the key could be programmed in order for the Tundra to recognize it.  I called Henry’s towing and 20 minutes later the tow truck arrived.  The driver was afraid to pull the Tundra backwards.  It was parked about 2 feet behind a van.  The Tundra is 4 wheel drive and he did not want to damage it by pulling it backwards in order to get it on his truck.  I gave him permission to break into the truck.  It was 11 PM by this time and of course the alarm was blasting even before he got it unlocked.  Finally the Tundra was loaded on the truck and we were on our way to Miller Toyota Scion. 

When we got to the dealership, the driver told me that their shop had lost it’s power due to an accident and he could not take payment by credit card.  So off I went to the ATM down the street to get cash.  By the time I got back, the driver had asked T-Jay what was going on and he told the man everything I had been going through for the last couple of days.  The driver told me that he really felt bad for me.  He didn’t charge me mileage nor for breaking into the truck.  He reduced the charge to an even 100 bucks and told me that he hoped that the next day would be better for me. :)  Nice man!

Monday morning I was back at the dealership to get the new keys programmed.  I was told that the original keys, if I got a hold of them, would only open the doors, but would not start the Tundra.  GOOD!  Now my husband can stick his keys up his ass if he wants to.

Here is Alex programming the new keys…


Tuesday I emptied out all my husbands belongings and brought them to his brothers house.    T-Jay then spent all afternoon cleaning the Tundra inside and out. 

Yesterday morning T-Jay and I went to my husbands home and removed the toolbox and its contents and left it there.  Ha….after using the tools to prune the tree in front of the townhouse……AND after getting my Scion out of jail because it had been towed while T-Jay went in the townhouse for something.  He hadn’t put the parking sticker on the mirror.

This morning I went to see Glenn at ColorsOnParade to get an estimate to have the front bumper painted and some scratches taken care of.  Then I went to Sill’s to get an estimate on having the Tundra detailed….carpet and leather cleaned and the body clay barred to take care of the damage made by the elements and to take care of any over spray from the body work.

Tonight I’m taking it into Miller Toyota Scion to have them look at the tail gate….I can’t get it to open.  While it’s there, I’ll also have them take care of a recall that hasn’t been done yet.

If the weather holds up, everything should be taken care of by the end of next week and I’ll go to have it appraised and then get it sold. LOL…..end of rant!  The rat bastard!

I wish I could keep her, but $693 a month plus insurance is way out of my budget.  I sure have had a lot of fun driving her in the last few days.  She has so much power 🙂 ….and she’s such a beauty!




It’s been a rough week.  I feel much better now!


18 thoughts on “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”

  1. Holy Crap Tango!I am glad that you are alright and so is your truck! All things work out in the end. I know it is sad to see the Tundra go. At least you have the Evil Twin.Melissa aka Chimchim

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