Rheingarten Restaurant 12.31.2011

I had to chase a couple of cars around Fredericksburg yesterday.  Actually it was quite a ways past Fredericksburg, but this peticular company asking me to take care of these, has been awfully good to me.  In this case I will go out of my way.
Every time I’m up that way I pass by this German restaurant.  It sucks because it is always early in the morning and they are closed.  This time I stopped by just to have a look around.  Too bad they’re only open at night.








My toilet is still in bits and pieces, but I’m going to have the time to put it back together tonight.  Luckily it’s not the only toilet at the house.   LOL….what a way to spend new years eve, eh?  Lets hope I don’t end up with spare parts or leaks.
I shot this from work last night.  What do you think?  Contrails, Chemtrails, Weather Modification?


Happy New Year to all of you.  Be safe!!

3 thoughts on “Rheingarten Restaurant 12.31.2011”

  1. Tango honey – the new years dance was an absolute blast! i drank 4 glasses of wine if you can believe it and we didn't leave until 3am!!! and then got invited to a friends house today for a family get-together – we were both hurting to say the least! the controversial chili was a real hit – bahahaha! they loved it! and we are so beat right now. but what a good night and day!it's always so nice to stop in here. thanks for being such a good friend!your friend,kymber

  2. Kymber…thanks for stopping by dear lady. I feel the same about you. Just doesn't seem right when/if I don't hear from you. Hugs to you and Jamie both. I can't wait to see how the "contraversal" chili turns out…lolBTW…I vote Chemtrails too. Rat Bastards. Haven't seen the skies around here like that in a good while. Sickening!

  3. oh…i so need to come and visit and then we go to that restauraunt together – yummeh!my vote is chemtrails – yuck!me darlin' – all of the best to you and yours in 2012! you may be far away but i consider you one of my true friends – and i don't have many – and most of them are internet friends! regardless – thanks for being a part of my life this past several months and thanks for sharing your life with me!your friend,kymber

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