Happy Holiday 12/25/2009

Wishing you all a happy, warm and stress-free holiday.  LOL…I’ve got all three covered on MY end. 🙂
I got up to a lovely 28 degrees that’s a heat wave compared to yesterday.  When I went to bed last night, I was ready to wake up from the noise of freezing rain on the roof, but we seem to have dodged the bullet….for now at least. 
I left the house to check on my mail yesterday afternoon.  I had been expecting a small package from Guy.  I had given a bit of my cream to my Mom.  After using it all up, she and my Pop wanted to know how they could get there VERY OWN jar.  When opened the mail box, it had arrived.  Thanks, Guy 🙂
I went to get fuel while I was out.  It did not take me very long, but my pussy had time to do this…..
I swear, I wasn’t gone all that long!!  LOL…I should know to put that stuff away and am super happy that I put that roll of toilet paper on its dispenser before I left.
Every morning I look at my Feedjit on my side bar and every morning I see someone new that stopped by.  I always wonder how they found me and who they are……lol, since they seem to hit and run.  It always makes me feel like getting home, finding someone sitting on my bed and not knowing who they are.  For those of you that are lurking :)…..it is okay to comment now and then.  I’d love to hear from you. 🙂
Well, it’s time to get ready to visit my Mom and Pop and check on T-Jay to see if he’s feeling well enough to join me.  I’m leaving my pussy at home.  I’ll wait until it gets warm to take her to visit.  Maybe by that time, I’ll figure out a way to make it not so stressful for her.
I hope that everyone has an awesome day and for those of you that own them…..keep those Scions on the ground! 🙂

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