Take that, you Rat Bastards 6/3/2010

Getting scratched up while watering my plants was getting on my last nerve…..and you know what that means! 🙂
I don’t know what kind of plant this is, but it was getting totally out of control.  One was about 4 ft tall and the stem was 2 inches thick.  So I went outside….armed to the teeth to deal with it…
…..and tadaaaaa!!!
I saw my first Grosse Bohne (Broad Bean)
Yesterday, Kenny came over to tell me about this unusual butterfly that was sitting on the wall of his house.  It looked like it had its tail caught in a spider web.  
I removed it and the butterfly opened up even more.  This is only the second butterfly I’ve seen this year.  I remember them being plentiful years ago.
I know we are supposed to have thunderstorms this afternoon, but after the last time, when I found my plants laying on the ground, I’m not taking any chances.  So I watered all of them…just a little bit….just in case we have no rain.
I finished the paperwork for my last inspection yesterday.  What a relief THAT was.  It was a long inspection with lots of paperwork for Freddie Mac.  I always say that I won’t do any more of these, but every time I have one offered to me I tend to accept it.  What was I thinking?
Three more days of work and I finally get a day off!  I’m so excited!!!!  I can’t wait.  Not that I have any plans as of yet, but that can change.  It think there’s supposed to be a Scion car show on Sunday.  I’ll have to check.  Could have sworn I saw it on Facebook and Kenny also mentioned it.

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