Sunday, July 4, 2021

July 4th 5Minute Glam Nails

I hope everyone has a great 4th. I put these 5Minute Glam Nails on top of the ones I already had on Thursday. I didn’t have time to remove the old ones. I was kind of worried about not being able to get them off. It looks like I worried for nothing because they came right off under some very warm water.

Prius back seats

On Thursday, I was looking for some project to do over this weekend so that I wouldn’t end up sitting on my butt reading or crocheting. I was still trying to eliminate the “other folk’s” smell in my car and decided that the air filter probably needed changing. I went ahead and bought the filter that night.

It had been a while since I changed one, so I went on YouTube to refresh my memory. I put “How do I change the cabin air filter in my 2007 Prius Four”. Sure enough, there was a video. While I was watching it, I saw the list of videos on the right side of the screen.

One of them caught my attention, especially the one about converting a Prius into a small RV.

Early this morning, I managed to remove the back seat out of the Prius.

I put it for free on Facebook just in case someone needs one. The seats are not damaged, but they do need a good cleaning. I’ll throw them out tomorrow if no one wants them.

^^^That’s a pretty large compartment that sits above the spare tire. I can see folded clothing in there.

Back seat removed

^^This is a roll of Reflectix for next weekend’s project. I’ll be making window coverings for all the back glass so that no one can see inside.

Then it’s time to put in some kind of platform for the bed.

5Minute Glam Nails for the week.

That’s all folks. Have a good week 🙂

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