Friday 02.24.23 Sienna Hybrid

Yes, I know!!! It’s been a while. I just really didn’t have anything to write about. That has now changed.

Three weeks ago, I put my name to a Sienna that was allocated to us. It will be built on March 2nd and should be at our dealership by the end of April.

…..and then the fun begins.

First, seat removal. I have already purchased the airbag simulators to be installed once the seats are removed. It will trick the computer into believing that the seats are still there and avoid any error codes.

Next will be the modification of the enormous center console. I have already contacted Mr. Spoiler Inc to see if they can manufacture something for me so that I can get into the back of the van without going outside.

After that, I will need someone that works with wood to build a partial floor and a folding bed/couch. I want to use “Eric enjoys Earth’s plans from

I hope it will not be too hard to find someone.

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