Computer Issues 10.03.2011

Poor, poor old Dell.  She got the dreaded blue screen and wouldn’t act right.  I’m hoping that a good cleaning will take care of this problem.  She was making some strange noises and the fan would only run off and on.  She hasn’t been cleaned since 2005, so it was time to take her apart.  Poor thing was pretty nasty inside.

Wish I could have gotten it done all in one day, but had to put it aside so that I could got to work and the vaccum needed to be re-charged.

Had to rig me up a tiny, long and slim vaccum cleaner attachment to get in the tiny little crooks and crannies.  I sure didn’t want to take it ALL apart.  Ha, I always end up with things left over after putting things back together.

I’m still trying to collect some of my Silly’s poop.  It’s way harder than I thought.  Seems that she likes to poop while I’m at work, or she’s getting back at Patches and poops in HIS litter box.

I’ve been busy losing weight.  When my blood pressure hit 189/93/73 at 209 pounds I went ito a panic and knew since I refuse to be put on blood pressure meds, I’d have to hurry and do something about it.  When I got down to 190.2 pounds my blood pressure went down to 165/96/69.  Yesterday morning I weighed in at 178 pounds ….. blood pressure reading at 130/76/63.  Phew….another 25 pounds and I should be good to go.

That’s when the hard part starts….keeping the weight off!

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