Sunday, Feb. 28.2021

Lovely view in my subdivision yesterday. It’s been sitting there since last Thursday. Trash day is tomorrow. This is one thing I will not miss when I move.

There are many places in this state that are littered with trash, when I move, I have promised myself to always carry trash bags and gloves, so that I can leave a place better than it was when I arrived.

The litter fines in Virginia went from $250 to $500 this year. Not that it seems to make a difference. I’ve never heard of it being enforced. I have never heard of any one being fined for littering. Maybe those persons need to have their names published in a newspaper. It’s disgusting and it pisses me off to no end!

I remember when I drove to California. The further west I got, the cleaner the roads were. Not a beer can, plastic bottle or scrap of paper along the roads. It was beautiful.

Miller Toyota

Yesterday I did my inventory. I managed to beat the rain. Good thing I didn’t wait until today because it’s been raining non stop.

Yesterday I cubed up a pork loin and made a dark brown gravy for it. I cooked some rice for T-Jay. He gets most of the gravy and I get most of the meat. That’s what was for breakfast this morning with a bit of horseradish sauce. Yum!!

This morning I finished my taxes. Woohoo! I think this is twice in my life that I finished them way before the deadline. I’m glad that’s over with. Not much of a refund, but at least I won’t owe anything.

I love, love, love to climb into clean bedding. I wish I could change them out everyday. The smell and feel is just so relaxing to me.

I just finished vacuuming, dusting and mopping. The house smells clean and fresh. The rest of the day is to relax and get ready for the next work week.

This week I was having bad pains in my right heel. After researching it, it looks like I have Plantar Fasciitis or bone spurs, or both. No sense in going to the doctors for it since all they will do is recommend exercises, prescribe inflammatory medications and cortisone injections.

It’s weird, it hurts like hell when I get out of bed or when I have been sitting for a while. Once I get moving, I’m okay. The pain is worse when I’m bare footed.

I will start with exercise and taping that foot. I know I have some athletic taper somewhere in this house, but can’t find it right now. I did find some compression ankle socks that I used when I had some stress fractures in my foot.

Hopefully this will give me some relief. Now that I have that on, it does feel a bit better.

I’m rolling my foot over a can of chili. I guess Silly is wondering WTF?

What’s up with the puny bars of soap lately. Looks like all of them are shrinking. Dollar Tree used to have 7oz bars for a buck, but they have been out of them around here lately. I ended up ordering some large bars from Amazon. I don’t think I’ll be buying any in the stores anymore.

5 Minute Glam Nails from

Nails for the week. 🙂

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