Raining again 9/23/11

It’s raining again.  Just enough to make driving a headache.  I have an assignment to inspect a shopping center on the sly, but decided to take care of it on Sunday, when it is hopefully not raining.  I don’t want to get stuck in traffic coming back from Fairfax.
This entire morning I spent trying to find a sketch program compatible with Ubuntu.  After trying out three different programs, I downloaded one.  Had to learn how to use it and spent an hour trying to configure it to print correctly.  Then I had to take of photo of the sketch.  What a pain in the butt.  I sure hope that I remember how to do this next time I need to.  This sketch was of the houses that I had to measure for a job a couple of days ago.
Since I was running low on prepared LDN, I made up a fresh batch.  I believe that T-Jay has issues with the filler that they use to keep the table together, so I used a coffee filter to get as much of the filler out as possible.  I didn’t get it all, but it is almost clear.

See all the white crap in the filter?

My pussy has been really playful this morning.  Maybe she wants something, but I can’t figure out what.

She had her annual physical, heartworm antibody test, rabies and distemper and cold virus vaccinations. The heartworm antibody test came back negative.  Now I have to collect her poop to be tested for parasites, which is no easy task, since my room mates hugerthanmycat, Patches, insists on putting his big butt in the tiny litterbox to poop also.  

When I got to work last night, we had our first Release Series 7.0 parked in front of the door.  She’s a real beauty!!  This is one of 2,200 made.

Time to speed-cook before I go to work. 🙂  Then off to work.

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