Just When I Get Really Disappointed In People…..

Someone goes out of their way and does something nice for a complete stranger.

I was looking for the Sheriff’s Department and the Circuit Court in downtown Warrenton today. I put “78 West Lee Hwy” in my GPS…so how hard can that be???

Well the GPS kept directing me to the Ruby Tuesday no matter what direction I was coming from. I was really getting stressed out. Funny how putting Hwy instead of St could make such a big difference.

I finally got downtown which is on top of a huge hill and I drive a stick shift. Everywhere I went people were stopping inches from my back bumper and there was really no way to drive after a complete stop without rolling back a few inches. People that know me, know how anal I am about my car so this was naturally freaking me out a bit. I finally decided to just find a parking lot near the top of the hill and walk from there.

Still not knowing where I was going, I decided to ask this gentleman that was sitting at the bank across the street from me. He gave me really good directions and I told him that I would just walk.

I had walked about a block when the gentleman and his wife pulled up to me and offered to drive me over to the Sheriff’s Department. They really made my day. What a nice thing to do for a complete stranger especially in this day and age.


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