Lawyer Time

I’m sitting here watching two birds dive bombing on Kenny’s extra large poodle. Of course Silly is watching this since the birds first sit on the fence in front of the window. I wonder how longs these birds are going to keep this up. The poor dog is going nuts and so is Silly.

I’m getting ready to see my lawyer. It’s me against Brookfield Washington Homes. It pisses me off how large corporations toy with smaller ones. They are making me jump through hoops, stalling. Waiting for me to run out of money to keep fighting. All I want is to get paid for work that was done.

It was hard to find a lawyer in Manassas in the first place, since this builder seems to have most of the lawyers on their payroll. I’m sure I would have given up a long time ago if it wasn’t for the amount that they owe. $70,000 isn’t exactly chump change.

A lot of times my inspections take me to one of the subdivisions that we helped build. Whenever I knock on someones door, I feel like telling them that the builder that built their home still owes us money….the bastards!!

This has been dragging out for a year now and I wish it would be over with!


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