Temporary Concealed Handgun Permit

….so I went to the UPS Store and there was my long awaited Temporary Concealed Handgun Permit.
It’s good until August 28th, 09.

It says: “Pending the outcome of your original application”.

It’s kind of bizarre, how can they give me a permit without knowing if I have been denied or not. I guess it’s like a learner’s permit to drive. If you don’t make it, you won’t get your license. Hopefully, you won’t kill anybody while on the road.

For all they know I could be a serial killer. They don’t know that I’m a nice kind woman that even talks lovingly about past toilet seats.

^^^This was Silly earlier. Laid out on the floor. She’s not on the floor anymore since I turned the air conditioner on. lol…she’s moving closer and closer to the ceiling.


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