High Water

Well…doing inspections today was no picnic!! It took me forever since I was doing quite a few detours due to high water levels on the streets.

I did brave one street only to find out that I had bent up a piece of plastic that’s behind the front wheel to the point of scraping against the tire after going through a surprise puddle. I tell ya…it made a horrible noise and scared the crap out of me!!! I tried to bend it back, but I’ll have to have someone look at it when I get to the dealership. At least the scraping noise has stopped.

My photos didn’t turn out too well. I caught hell keeping the rain off of my lens. 😦

When I got home I couldn’t get on the internet and had to wait for Verizon to start back to work. I finally uploaded my paperwork, entered it into QuickBooks and logged my mileage into my spread sheet.

It looks like the rain has finally stopped for the first time in days. Tomorrow should be beautiful. 🙂 Today got up to 63 degrees….tomorrow should be in the 80’s. We’re going from one extreme to another.

Kenny and Aaron left for Chicago yesterday. I haven’t heard from them and hope that they are doing okay. I wish I could have gone, I love road trips, but it just wasn’t in the cards.

My Mom is coming back from a two week visit to Germany today. It will be awesome to hear her talk about places and people that I knew as a kid. I hope she took tons of pictures.


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