Toenail Pulled Off

So I went to the doctor at 11 AM. I thought he was just going to cut the sides of the toenail, but he said it would be best to remove the whole nail. Yikes….I was already a nervous wreck, this didn’t help any.

The nurse gave me two shots in the toe to numb it up, but when it was time to do the deed, I could still feel what was going on. One more shot and then he pulled the entire nail off of my toe. Meanwhile, I was almost imprinting the armrests with my finger prints and had to remind myself to breathe.

Afterward, my toe was all wrapped up and I was told that there would be no pain and that Tylenol would take care of any discomfort.

…….BullShit!!! At around 6 PM last night my toe started to wake up and by midnight it was fully awake and very angry. I could feel my heartbeat in my toe.

I had to wear a sock on that foot since I couldn’t stand it when the toe touched my bedding when I moved.
Luckily I had a bottle of Tramadol in the cabinet so that I could finally get some sleep.

LOL, it says to take it every four hours as needed, well apparently it only lasts for those four hours. At 4 AM I was wide awake with a throbbing toe. I’m beginning to think that the dressing is wrapped too tight, but they told me not to take it off for two days. I will call the doctor and ask in a while.

Well, one more cup of coffee and then I’ll take a “whores” bath at the sink. LOL


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