It’s Raining Again

….it’s raining again! 😦

Silly is bouncing off the walls. Must have gotten into my coffee somehow? Keeps attacking my shower curtains. Ha…wore her out with my laser. Now, maybe I can get in the shower.

Then it’s off to do some inspections…in the rain…trying to keep my camera dry.

Our Casino Night is coming along. 55 people have pre-registered so far and I expect some more. We should have told people that they have to register instead of just registering to get the extra funny money to play with. Now I’m expecting a ton of people to just show up.

Thanks for the recipe link, Chris. I found a recipe, I’ll just have to modify it a bit.

Guy, thanks for stopping by. 🙂


7 thoughts on “It’s Raining Again”

  1. bahahaha – Tango – we are very much alike! i find other blogs thru blogrolls and attach myself like a leech too!i also love the tire gardens! 2 years ago when i was researching different methods of gardening (raised bed, square foot, etc.) i came across a bunch of sites of people tire gardening! it seems that people in the central and southern parts of the US have been doing this since the inception of cars – ya gotta love their smarts! anyway – the most awesome part is that you can get tires from any local garage for FREE – garages have to pay someone to come and pick up their tires and they are more than happy to give them away!as for the stacking and cutting…i have had a few people ask so i think i will do a post with pics over the weekend as we have already put up the second tier of tires and are ready to put on the third tier! and again – love your blog!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Kymber 🙂 I love your tire garden….that is such an awesome idea! I want to know how you "stack" tires with potatoes.I found you by checking out blog rolls from others. :)…when I find something that interests me, I attach myself like a leach.

  3. Tango – thanks so much for stopping by the Nova Scotia Preppers Network and commenting on my first tomatoe – it means the world!i have added myself to follow your blog and look forward to all of your updates – plus i have all the archives to read – soo much fun!you seem super cool! can i ask how it is that you found the Nova Scotia Preppers Network? i'd be really interested to hear…okay – off to catch up on your archives…this is gonna be awesome!

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