Am I getting a ticket?

So, yesterday I’m driving down Rt 15 towards home…minding my own business when an undercover cop pulls out in front of me. I drive behind him for about 11 miles when he slows down to around 45 mph, sticks his fist out of the window and gives me the thumbs down. I’m thinking WTF??? What is that supposed to mean???

Then I’m thinking, maybe he’s trying to tell me to cut my high beams off? I always drive with my low beams on because they are so nice and bright even though they are not HID’s. I’ve often wondered if my headlights bother people because of the angle they are pointing due to my car being so “rear” heavy.

Anyway….so I’m driving and driving. Finally, he pulls off the road to make a left on Sully Rd and I think he’s gone…..but noooooo!!! He pulls in right behind me and follows me almost all the way to Rt 29.

I wonder if he ran my plates and found out that I wasn’t some young punk kid driving a bizarre box with a black widow grill and spikes on the bumper? Well, I guess I’ll never know.


I’m leaving early this morning because I have car chases all over creation today. Woodbridge, Culpeper, Manassas, Warrenton and Clifton. By the time I get home I’ll have another 160 miles on my car. More than 4 hours of driving.

I actually got my foot, after wrapping my toe up like a mummy, into my boots. I’m such a happy woman!


We’re up to 71 people that have registered for Casino Night. I am soooo excited. I know almost all of the people that are coming and it will be really awesome to see everyone again. 🙂

Kimber…..I’ve had tomatoes on the brain ever since yesterday. It’s been a long time since I’ve had homegrown tomatoes, but I can still remember what they taste like. My Mom makes this delicious salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, onions, vinegar, sugar and a dash of water. Yummy!!

Today: Showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm before 9 am, then a chance of showers and thunderstorms after 9 am.

I sometimes wonder who writes these reports. They could as well have said thunderstorms all day.

Later Gators


2 thoughts on “Am I getting a ticket?”

  1. LOL….I can just see you…out there with a flash light. Too funny!!I agree with your hubby about the weather guy. I wish I had that job!!! You get a paycheck even if you screw up every day. :)SANISM? LOL…WTF? 90% of the time they seem to be pretty weird!!Don't worry about long comments, I love them!You have a great day too. I'm back for now, time to upload the pictures and do the reports.

  2. ugh. sounds like a really long day of driving for you – that sucks!but glad to hear that you got your foot in the boot!Casino night sounds like it is going to be a hoot – wish i could make it too!as for tomatoes – i have been out four times this morning to check if there are any new ones – bahahaha! it's still dark outside so i have to bring the flashlight – so far – that little guy is still my only one!as for that salad – yummeh! i make a variety of salads with fresh tomatoes and will have to try that one too – thanks for sharing! but my all-time favourite way to eat tomatoes is straight off the vine – i eat them like apples. it's pretty messy i must admit!i will have to make absolute sure that my husband does not see your comment about weather reports…weather reports have become a bit of an obsession for him. he checks about 10 different weather reports several times a day and compares them all and states over and over that he can't believe that these people get paid to do such a crappy job. his theory? he thinks that all meteorologists have a big bullseye on the wall next to their desks with different weather categories on it. prior to writing a weather report the throw a dart at the bullseye and whatever the dart lands on is the weather report they write – bahahaha!it sounds like your weather report guy wishes he could be a bad fiction writer. ya know – he's a little "wordy".(speaking of which – this comment got a little longer than i was originally intending! hope ya don't mind!)have a great day Tango!(oh one last thing – bahahaha – my word for word verification – is SANISM?!??!? bahahahah!)

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