Where in the hell is my coffee? I looked on the service sheet at Safeway and the store was last serviced on May 14th by Tom.

Tom, you’re fired!!!


I have a property inspection coming up this week. It’s the first one for this company and will help me get my feet wet. Only problem is that I don’t know where it is….exactly. This is going to be interesting and this is all I have.

CATALPA , VA – 22701

Well, I guess my GPS will be just about useless for this one. The last inspector says that there are dogs and other critters on the property, so I hope I get the Bersa in my hands before I go. The home on the property was built in 1900.


I counted the waivers that were signed by all the people that attended Casino night on Saturday. 94….we had a packed house. That’s not counting employees and the vendor employees. I had no idea we could pack that many people into the showroom.

I was so proud of the people that attended. Everyone was so well behaved. LOL… We didn’t even need the service of our bouncer, Rodney. He was on standby just in case things got out of hand.

I have 269 more photos to upload, but I have to find software to shrink them or else it will take weeks.


Well, time to research wherever in the hell I’m supposed to be going.


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