Ticks and Guinea Hens

^^^^^ Did I mention that I can’t stand these blood sucking vampires????

When I was putting on the Toyota badge, I must have picked up another one. I found it later that night dug into the top of my right thigh. That was two days ago and this morning I had a red spot the size of a Frisbee where the tick used to be.

^^^^ Kenny, Cyndi….maybe we should get a dozen Guinea hens? Maybe some that don’t make noise. 🙂

I mentioned it to Nikki at the UPS store and she insisted that I get it checked out at Urgent Care.
The doc cleaned the area where I was bitten and prescribed me antibiotics.

……….so while I was there, I had him check out my other thigh which also has a red area the size of a Frisbee. No, it’s not another tick, but a huge boil that’s growing by the day. It’s getting rather hard to walk carrying these Frisbees between my legs. I probably look like I need my diaper changed from behind.

The doc said that he might have to lance it if it doesn’t go down in a few days. Just the thing I wanted to hear. 😦

Stopped by Safeway to get the prescription filled.
Still no coffee. I talked to the manager about them always being out of stock. He told me that Tom was in a car accident. Now I feel kind of bad for firing him.


6 thoughts on “Ticks and Guinea Hens”

  1. I don't know their breeding cycle but they are always the worst when the nights are cool and the days are hot…least that's then the animals get them the most…I got one between the cheeks of my ass onetime…if Mike hadn't been around, not sure who I would have asked to help me with that one!

  2. LOL….that sounds about right. I lived in a house with a tin roof in Louisiana for a while. I had Geese under the house in the crawlspace, Turkeys on the tin roof, hens on the hood and roof of my red Toyota, and a dozen Guineas that would go around and around the house. ….and I worked nightshift and slept in the day.

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