Home Remedy and Job Description

Okay….I’m ready and this is WAR!!

I just had my first cup of Tumeric tea with raw honey (thanks, Guy). It doesn’t taste as bad I thought so I might not have to fill too many capsules with Tumeric. Maybe some to take with me.

I made a paste of Tumeric and Colloidal Silver and taped it to my thigh. Let’s see if this works.

Most of the night last night was spent on research and it seems like the Tumeric worked for hundreds of people. Enough feedback for me to give it a try. Hell, I’ve tried everything else, what’s one more? It will be worth it if it keeps me from being out of commission for days at a time, trying to heal up after getting lanced…again!

——Heather, this is what I do during the day and on Sundays.

Mortgage Inspections….going to empty houses to take photos of the inside and out, electrical rooms, plumbing, change locks if necessary.

Insurance Inspections
….going to homes and businesses taking photos of possible hazards

Commercial Inspections….going to shopping centers, motels, stores taking photos of the outside, inside and neighborhoods. Writing a report on neighbor hood trends, planned repairs etc.

Lease Inspections…going to a shop to take photos of equipment that is about to be leased, see the equipment in operation.

Collateral Inspections also called “chases”….going to the customer’s home to deliver a letter and take photos of the collateral. Usually done when the lender loses contact with the customer and the customer has gotten behind in payments. It the customer is not home, I talk to the neighbors, take photos of the home, see if they have a garage or shed to hide the collateral, check county records to see if they own the home or if their just renting. If the customer is home I update their contact information and try to get them to talk to the lender on my cell phone while I’m there. I’ve been getting more and more of these lately.

Merchant Site Verification Inspections
…going to a business to see if it is legit.

Merchant Site Inspection….going to a business to see how the customer private information is being handled, are computers password protected, files protected, is there more than one business located there, does the business description fit the actual business.

Drive-By Inspections….going to a house and just take photos.

Mail Delivery Inspections
….I receive special junk mail and log it in when I get it.

FastSnap Inspections….take photos of homes, schools, offices, stores, factories, roads, intersections, automobiles, recreational vehicles, etc.

I will travel as far as 25 miles from my zip code…further at a higher rate. Right now I’m signed up with 9 companies nationwide.

I wish there was more work in my area….I’d gladly do it full time. It involves all of my favorite things…driving, my computer, my cameras and NO time clock to punch in on.

All work is received via e-mail. Photos and reports are uploaded on my client’s websites.


6 thoughts on “Home Remedy and Job Description”

  1. well hell tango. i work at a bowling alley on the weekend. i thought i was all that AND a bag of chips. overachiever.:) thanks for letting me know and i hope that damn boil hits the road!i still laugh about oregon saying you lived in a bread box. smart ass that one.

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