Turmeric Treatment

^^^^^What is this stuff??? It is growing under a drainpipe at the dealership. Stays green year round.

The first day of the Turmeric treatment is over with. The boil is not as hot to the touch as it was, seems to be shrinking a bit and is not as sore as it was.

I drank another cup of it last night. I changed my mind…it is just too nasty to drink as a tea, even with the raw Honey which had taken me hours to hunt down in Manassas. So capsules it is. πŸ™‚

I’m going to try and do the inspection in Catalpa, VA today. I’ve been trying to get a close location to the property using Google maps and think I have it down to a square mile. It sure would help if the man that has the directions would return my calls, but no. So I guess I’m on my own. I also have the address to the Sheriff’s department, maybe someone there can help me find it.

I printed out the photos that the previous inspector took of the house…maybe that will help and some one will recognize it.

It’s going to be an interesting day. Hope I don’t run into anything unexpected.

Heather reminded me of Hoop Dreams when she said that she was too tall to fit into most small cars. Hoop Dreams is an event in Washington, DC where young men and women compete for scholarships. They shut down Pennsylvania Avenue that day and line the street with basketball hoops. Scion Corporation was one of the sponsors and they had asked our car club to provide some of our modified Scions to display.

That day I had many very tall people ask me if they could sit in my Scion xB so that they could see if they would fit. The tallest person was 6’4″ and sat comfortably without their knees touching the dash and that was sitting straight up. πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Turmeric Treatment”

  1. Guy, I was not taking it internally. That first night I mixed it with Tumeric to make a paste to put on the boil. It didn't work as far as keeping the tumeric together. I tried to mix it with Grapeseed Oil, but nothing seems to be keeping it together for any period of time. So, I'm not putting anything on the boil it self, except anything I can get my hands on to keep it from rubbing against anything to get aggravated.I'm not going to the doctor over this boil unless I break out in a fever.

  2. Whoa, you're doing Colloidal Silver? Have you lost your F-ing mind? Do you know how toxic that crap can be? It will turn your skin gray, it will mess up your liver and possibly your brain. Tango, it's time to go to a real doctor and quit messing with the Woh-Woh folks with the knit caps at the natural food shop.

  3. KayDee….LOL…my sister is 5'2" and had issues finding a car that she could look over the front of the hood and the rear.I'll let you know if the treatment works…I sure hope it does. I'm sick and tired of fighting them!!I look forward to you identifying the plant. It looks like something even I could grow. :)Joe….I'm in the same boat plant wise. I have trouble keeping plastic flowers.Yes…the tea is just too nasty. I had a real problem keeping that shit down. No more of that, don't even know how I kept it down the first time.

  4. Ah I can comment here now!! I ahve no idea what that green plant is. I just know that if it were in our garden I would have killed it by now!That drink for your boil sounds horrible! But so does the boil!

  5. Well there is something to be said for being only 5'3". I can fit in any damn car with room to spare…lol.Keep us posted on the boil treatment because I know a few people who will be eternally grateful to know of something that works.Give me a couple more months at my Horticultural classes and I might be able to identify that thing growing at the dealership. I'm not quite there yet πŸ™‚

  6. Yep…you might want to go to a dealer and sit in one.I have back problems and usually get out of a car doubled up after only 30 minutes.When you sit in THESE cars, the xB and xD, you feel like you are sitting in a chair.I drove my xB to California and back two years ago….had no issues with my back.lol…..I forgot to mention the gas.

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