Arguing with the Bank

^^^At the start of a beautiful day, riding along Rt. 229 on the way to Catalpa, VA


So after two days, I found the house that I needed to inspect. It took talking to the RIGHT person in the zoning department. 🙂 The house HAS a physical address and YES, GPS can find it. I was so relieved, as this was getting on my last nerve. I knew that the county would have to know if there was a house on the land and would also have to have an address for it. Ha, you know they wouldn’t miss out on their taxes. …anyway, that’s over with. I just have to upload the pictures and then I’m done. I also printed up a map of the land and the house so that the next field inspector won’t have to go through this crap. I’ll take photos of them and upload them too.


Some of the banks sure are getting slick as hell.

While I was out in the boonies looking for that house, I received and e-mail from my bank saying the my balance was $-50.21.
I’m going WTF????
I had the bank that I use for business set up to where they will e-mail if that account gets a balance of less than 50 dollars……. That’s +50.00 not -50.21!!!!

After I found the house and took a ton of photos, I stopped by the UPS store to see about my mail. In the stack of envelopes is one from the bank. A letter in there tells me that my balance is $-350.21.
I’m going WTF??? and walk to the corner to the bank.

The teller that set up this account told me that the bank had approved a $300 overdraft protection for me. I showed her the e-mail on my phone and ask:

Me: “Okay, so what does THIS mean?”

Teller: “That department doesn’t have the same information that we have yet, you are now $350.21 overdrawn.”

Me: “How is this possible? My card has not been declined.”

Teller: “It’s because of the overdraft protection.”

Me: “Okay, so if I have $300 overdraft protection, why am I being charged $34 per transaction that is overdrawn and why is my card not being declined?”

Teller: “No, it wouldn’t be declined. We tried to call you last week at 000-999-0000 as soon as your account was overdrawn.”

Me: “My phone number is not 000-999-0000, it’s 000-998-0000! I set up this account with you. I gave you my business card with my phone number on it, how could you get this wrong?”

Teller: “Oh, I don’t know what happened, let me change the number right now. No wonder I couldn’t reach you. I also wanted to tell you in person, but every time you came in, I forgot to tell you.”

Me: “Okay…so, getting back to the e-mail to notify me when my account gets below $50, what happened there???”

Teller: “I don’t know. We don’t do that here. It’s another department. They get the information later than we do.”

Me: “I want you to take off that overdraft protection now!!”

Teller: “Okay, but once we take it off you will never be able to get it back.”

Me: “Doesn’t matter, it’s useless!! This is crazy, you want to give me $300 to use so I won’t be overdrawn and when I use it you want to act like it’s really not there and punish me with charging me $34 for each transaction. This doesn’t make any sense, just take it off!”

What a fucked up ending to a beautiful day!!


5 thoughts on “Arguing with the Bank”

  1. glad to hear that you finally found that house! and good on you for taking pics and a map so that the next inspector will not have to go through this!and ick. sorry to hear about your banking probs! good to get rid of that overdraft tho!!!hope today is better!

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