Chasing Cars

^^^^Mobile toilets….lol…how’d you like half of dozen of these to walk around your next outdoor event?

^^^^Twice this past week I had to chase cars at Quantico Marine Base. It always takes longer when I have to go there. Getting stopped and questioned about where I’m going, who am I, who I’m looking for etc. Getting permission to pull out my camera. LOL…on top of that EVERYONE seems to actually drive the speed limits.

….let me quit bitching because I sure do love to see men in uniform and this really was more like a field trip than work.

^^^^^I saw this bird when I was leaving yesterday morning. Looks like a Falcon? Is it?


I’m wondering whether I will have time to run across Manassas to chase a car during my lunch hour at Miller’s today. Else I’ll have to go after 7 PM when I get off tonight. Wonder how the traffic is over there on a Saturday afternoon. I guess I will just do it.

I want to keep most of tomorrow open to clear my table. It’s full of papers that I need to put into QuickBooks and then file away. Right now I can’t tell what color my table is and it’s driving me nuts.

I have a car chase for tomorrow morning. It’s in Warrenton, not too far from me. So I have no excuse to keep my butt in the streets.

The company that gave me the assignment with that hard to find a house in Catalpa gave me another assignment. This time it’s an insurance inspection at a Tattoo parlor. This should be interesting. It’s a safety inspection, a two-page form to fill out and then some photos need to be taken. I’m glad I did spend all that time to find that house in Catalpa instead of giving up, though I was given that option. It gave me a chance to get my foot in the door with this new company.

Let me go and see if I can find this Maxima. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Chasing Cars”

  1. Not so far, I have been told to leave. I think being female helps. Two inspectors were shot at on the west coast at the end of last year. One of them was killed.

  2. LOL…what's that?? Seems lately I don't have time to relax, just too much going on.I'm kind of relaxing right now at work…sort of 🙂

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