Printer Broken and more Work

My printer is Kaput 😦 I tried everything for hours yesterday, but still can’t print in black. I am so disgusted!!

On my way home from a car chase yesterday, I passed by the man in the pickup again. I wonder if he’s going WTF when we pass each other as I am.

My desk is brown!! That means that I did all my paperwork and everything is now filed away. Well, except for the receipts in the drawer. I really need to log them into Quickbooks. I feel so much better when I have everything organized and put away.

I log all my miles and noticed that I’m passing 5,000. I used to just log the miles, but I’ve been told by other field inspectors that it would be best to log in the addresses too just in case I ever get audited. So I have a huge spread sheet in progress. It will speed things up when tax time comes around.

My boil is almost gone. I’m still taking the Turmeric three times a day. It’s just a little discolored now and I don’t need to put a band aid on it anymore. I’m such a happy woman!!

I have a new driving CD ready. LOL…Make my day is on there twice. Thanks, Guy πŸ™‚ Some of the artists include, Solar Moon, Carlos Santana, DeBarge, George Clinton, Waldeck, Candy Apple, Shakira, Patti LaBelle and Sade. Can’t wait to blast it on the highway.

I’m getting ready for a commercial insurance inspection. It’s on a Tattoo shop. This should be interesting. I have two weeks to do it in, but will try to get it done early this week before I get swamped with car chases. Since this is for the new company that I’m dealing with I need to get familiar with their forms.

This company makes number 12 on my list of companies that I’m doing assignments for. If I lived on the west coast or in Florida, I would have had to hire someone to help me by now. My area is not so busy. I’m waiting for inspectors to either screw up or retire so that I can take over their zip codes.


9 thoughts on “Printer Broken and more Work”

  1. lol…everybody posting at the same time. When I got on here only Joe had posted.Okay back to work. I just washed my car in 2 oz of Smart Wax and I'm sweating like a pig. Awesome stuff. Didn't use a drop of water. Oh wait….I'll have to use the water for another shower now. 😦 FUCK!

  2. KayDee….yes it is! I hate it when I have paperwork everywhere. I usually forgot to do something because it's in the pile somewhere.With the boil going away I almost feel like myself again. :)Printer…I still have the portable one. I just hate to use it because the ink is so expensive and I have a ton of Canon ink left. I'll have to play with it a bit more when I get time.

  3. lol….I can always switch back to another CD for hip hop. I have 2.5 years worth of mixed hip hop music DVD's, one for every month that I can listen to. I had a subscription to for the longest.

  4. I love it when paperwork all gets filed and squared away. It makes me feel so good I don't know why I don't do it more often.Good news on the boil, not so good on the printer. What now? A new one? Ouch.

  5. Thanks, Guy. I did listen to the whole album. Make my day is my favorite. πŸ™‚ I like to put many different types of music on my driving CDs so that I can skip around to the different types depending on what kind of mood I'm in. πŸ™‚

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