Fearless Squirrel, More Unruly Customers, New Fan

^^^^ A fearless squirrel I encounter yesterday during a car chase. It was three feet from my car and I didn’t seem to phase it at all. Looks like it was eating the leftovers from an ice cream sandwich.


We had another crazy day at the dealership, although it didn’t start until about 2 PM.

One customer was really loud and upset about not being able to use his clunker. LOL…He had totaled it and had a salvage title.


I stopped by to hug my little sister’s neck after work. Her birthday was on Saturday and I had missed it due to the craziness at work.

She’s doing well enjoying her new job and her four day work week. I shared a cup of coffee with raw sugar and a slice of jack daniels chocolate cake with her. It was good to see her and she looks a lot more relaxed since she switched jobs. 🙂


I can’t sleep when I’m hot, so I stopped by a store and bought a 9″ fan for 12 bucks. When I got home I rigged it up to the ceiling vent in my bedroom. I only have one window that opens in that room and it is blocked to keep the sun out. Since I hate to run the air conditioner just to be able to sleep, I thought that this might help.

Luckily the fan is not too heavy and I had no problem rigging it up to the ceiling vent. I ran it on low last night and really slept well. I’m thinking that the white noise will also help in case the dogs get to barking.

LOL…of course my pussy didn’t agree with the coolness of my bed and acted like a heat-seeking missile trying to get under the covers.


14 thoughts on “Fearless Squirrel, More Unruly Customers, New Fan”

  1. LOL…. you corrupt? Hard to believe! I'm sure you would'nt deprive my poor pussy from getting under your covers to keep warm, now would you?

  2. The heat isn't so bad, it's the humidity here on the east coast that's the killer.It's so bad this morning that my floors are sticky.I hope that you have awesome weather when you get here. When are you coming?

  3. Something we never seem to have an issue with in the UK is it ever getting too hot! Still I'm off to the States soon, so I may complain about the heat as well. Although we are flying into San Fransico which is meant to be cold. Great.

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