Electrical Issues

At 2:52 this morning we had an incredible thunder storm. It was so severe, it even made ME jump and they normally don’t bother me.

…So when I got up to make my coffee and check my e-mails, I had no electricity in my kitchen. I didn’t notice it at first since when the electric goes off the lighting gets switched over to the battery that’s on the outside. I checked the breakers, no problem. Haven’t figured out what’s wrong yet so I re-routed everything into the living room to get my fixes for now.

I wonder what else isn’t working this morning.

I’ll have to ask Kenny later and see if he has any ideas on what’s wrong.


“Cash for Clunkers” is back on for now. It was packed at the dealership yesterday. We were so busy that I had to get names and phone numbers from people that called in since all the sales people were busy with customers.

We are closed today, but a hand full of people will be inside finishing the huge amount of paperwork that is required by the government.


I have a couple of field chases to do this morning and still have to do the sketch. I’ll have to download Google Sketches on my other laptop because for some reason it’s not working on this one. I might as well save everything from this computer on an external hard drive since this one is acting up. I’ll have to see if I have a restore disk and maybe reformat this laptop. I keep putting it off since it’s such a time hog. Rat Bastard!!!


Well…off to my monthly shower. Just kidding, water is my friend. 🙂


There, I fixed it.
I found the one and only reset button on an outlet. It was covered with the huge plug that comes with my blow dryer. Phew!! No money spent!!! I’m such a happy woman….Yeah, I know, it doesn’t take much these days 🙂


8 thoughts on “Electrical Issues”

  1. Heather…. lol, after the shower. Maybe I shouldn't shower a couple of days before I weigh in. I'm sure my skin is water logged afterward.Grey Goose for everyone!!!LOL…dance hall bitches???? WTF?

  2. WAIT! are you weighing in BEFORE or AFTER the shower? and if it's after? make sure you dry off EVERY drop of god damn water. water weight is the worst!lets have a drink lady jane. i'm fairly certain we will be laughing and snorting so hard there may be a bit of nose enima action going on. and kaydee definately has to come. then we can more effictively plan the demise of the dance hall bitches!

  3. I love those plants. What are they? I wish the yard was covered with them.LOL…pretty soon, when you Google "rat bastard", you're name will come up.

  4. It is usually so moist out here that the plants in your photos above grow on peoples' vehicles out here.Please spread the word of the "rat bastard."

  5. I hear ya, KayDee, shit always happens, doesn't it?My Mom is terrified of thunderstorms too. She goes in the basement.I remember when my sisters and I were kids, she used to get us out of the bed in the middle of the night when it started storming. She would get us all dressed. Then we would sit on the couch, Mom armed with her purse containing all important papers in life.Ha, I stole Rat Bastard from Guy. 🙂

  6. Hey Tango, sorry I haven't been around in a while but life's been busy and overwhelming lately.Oooh a thunderstorm, just the word gives me chills. I'm a big old chicken when it comes to thunder and lightning, always have been.I love the expression rat bastard. I am so going to steal it. 🙂

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