I just got back from the county courthouse. Finally got my certified deposition from Baton Rouge to clear me in order to get my permit to conceal and carry my handgun. I should be able to pick up my permit next Wednesday.

Took a few photos while walking through town.

Picked up my notary registration while I was at the courthouse.

While walking back to the Evil Twin, I noticed a sign on the sidewalk to Smokie Joe’s Cafe. It is housed in a building down an alley.

While I was there I bought a little container of collard greens. I was told it was made with love….and it was!! 🙂


I back to stuffing Tumeric into capsules. Noticed the coming of a boil last night. Maybe this time I’ll catch it before it gets out of control.


Yesterday, every time I made fresh coffee, I caught my pussy hanging in the coffee jar. She seems to like it. Of all things for me to have to keep her out of…..coffee grinds. Maybe she’s had this caffeine thing all the time? That would explain her climbing the walls and running through the house at full speed.


I played and played with sketching programs yesterday, but I just couldn’t get the floor plan of the Tattoo shop to look the way I wanted. I ended up making a sketch by hand, scanned it, and sent it. I got a reply from my client this morning and he told me that was fine. Next time I’ll just take a picture of my sketch instead of scanning it.


Well, back to moving stuff from one laptop to another. I have one pre-Vista application left. That’s the one for my scanner and I’m having a hell of a time with it. Rat Bastard! If it’s the last thing I do….it WILL install on THIS laptop, dammit!!


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  1. powdergirl said… Duh, surgical gloves : DHa, I have some of those in the house somewhere. Thanks!!!Hey lady, you have GOT to keep your pussy out of the coffee tin, that ain't right. LOL.LOL…I know! I find my pussy hanging out in the strangest places. The only time she stays put is when I'm brushing her. Really fabulous photos you've got there, and I love your tatoo.Thanks Powdergirl 🙂Also you have nice hair : )Thank you, but I cut it off a couple of months ago. Got tired of the frizzies in the damp weather around here. So for now it's growing on the inside, padding my brain. 🙂

  2. Duh, surgical gloves : DHey lady, you have GOT to keep your pussy out of the coffee tin, that ain't right. LOL.Really fabulous photos you've got there, and I love your tatoo.Also you have nice hair : )

  3. I am, Kymber. The boil isn't getting any bigger, which is a good thing. I just wish I could figure out a way to load the capsules without getting the tumaric on my fingers. That orange color is hell to get off me.

  4. Thanks KayDee. I've been here for a year now and really need to check it out more. I just haven't had the time.No, none of the doctors can tell me why I keep getting boils. They either prescribe antibiotics or end up lancing them over and over. They also biopsied them which didn't tell them anything either. I hope that the Tumaric keeps working.

  5. I really enjoyed looking at your pics Tango. What a quaint little place.Sorry to hear about the return of the dreaded boils. Has a doctor ever been able to tell you why you keep getting them?

  6. Dion,1. You're probably right. I think my favorite cup is permanently discolored on the inside.2. I'm going to try going downtown more often and take some more. There are some beautiful old buildings there. Today was the first time I actually walked around a bit besides taking care of business.3. I didn't want the extra carbs. She had old fashioned salt meat in there. Why do people insist on adding vinegar to greens??? WTF? I guess I'll have to cook some myself4. I don't! The bitch just started working. 🙂

  7. 1. Anyone (or anything) living with you will eventually become a coffee addict (face it, in our family, our blood contains 98% caffeine).2. I absolutely love those pictures! Looks like time stood still – I love historic stuff.3. If those green you had didn't have smoked ham hocks in them, with cornbread on the side (hot water cornbread – Jiffy doesn't count), they were NOT made with love!!4. Since when have you let a PC or laptop get the better of you?

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