Busy Morning

lol….Geese holding up traffic in Manassas at a stop light this morning

I just finished a busy morning.

Finished my car chases (all three of the borrowers had moved after their homes had been foreclosed upon

Went to the bank

Went to the UPS store (still no post card from the county court letting me know that I can pick up my conceal to carry permit, but got a shit load of junk mail)

Went to Safeway to pick up some out soon to be expired meat (I wanted a green pepper, but at 1.99 each they can kiss it!!!)

Got my stew seasoned and ready in the crockpot for tonight. Pork, I love pork, soup mix, red pepper, garlic, celery, onion, some of that browning sauce stuff, mustard and a sweet pickle….yummy. That’ll keep me going all week.

Uploaded my reports and photos.

Quit one of my clients. They are the lowest paying client that I have. Now they want me to go back to a house for free to investigate more on where the borrower is. Plus their turnaround time is by the hour. All my other clients turnaround time is by the day. On top of that, they won’t pay extra if you hunt the person down and talk to them face to face. They can kiss it too! This company has been pissing me off anyway. Every time they e-mail me, they misspell my name and a couple of months ago somebody e-mailed me a response to one of my reports….the whole thing was in non-capital letters, no punctuation and spelling errors. I’m starting to wonder if the company is run by elementary school drop outs out of a basement somewhere.

Just finished logging the junk mail.

One more pot of coffee….with ice cubes this time. It was 74 degrees at 6:30 this morning.

The ride this morning was awesome. I had Movits blasting in my car and was getting strange looks from people at stop lights. LOL…I guess they were wondering what the fuck I was listening to. Thanks Guy

LOL… in expensive stick shift modification on There, I Fixed It, this morning.

Well, it’s time to see what YOU all have been up to. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Busy Morning”

  1. LOL…. Good Morning Dion. Me Hyper???? In my morning job, I NEED to be hyper…never know when I've got to out run someone. This morning I was listening to Habibo Koiste, Karsh Kale, Putamayo, and Angelique Kidjo. Brat!!! You just had to rub in your weather…didn't you? 🙂

  2. You really need to start listening to Yanni to calm your nerves – You're too damn hyper!!Oh yeah, Good Morning, Sis. It's currently 67 degrees with 84% humidity. I LOVE Cali summers!!!

  3. Really? 🙂 Well, thank you ver much. Earlier I was looking for some music from Mali and found a few, but will look for more tonight. Speak Swedish….nope, not a lick.

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