Woohoo….Bubble Wrap

Look what I found sitting outside my door last night
Thanks, Aaron!!!
I attached the bubble wrap to two small windows, just to test and see if it would really stay up there and to see how much I could still see through it.
You can’t tell by the photos, but a lot of light still comes through.
In my research on full-time residents of travel trailers in colder climates trying to keep the heat in, a lot of them swore by bubble wrap. It’s really easy and can be used over and over again.  Just cut a piece large enough to cover the window, spray the window with water, attach the bubble wrap using the bubble side and smooth out.  It’s supposed to stay there all winter.   When it gets warmer, just peel it off like you would a window decal.  So far, so good.
Tomorrow I will do the rest of the windows.
I’m bound and determined to stay warm for less than $150 a month on propane.  Last winter I still had to run a small electric heater and block off the rear end of my home to keep warm.
I wish I would have known about this when I lived in my townhouse before I had all the wood frame windows replaced.  It was so hard to keep warm in the winter.

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