Beautiful Sunsets, Chasing a Piano and Bathing Silly

I can’t seem to get tired of the sunsets.   What’s up with that?
These were early this morning on the way to chase a grand piano.
I did get a chance to bathe my pussy.  I tell you…..she was not a happy camper!!
I don’t know what she was saying, but it sure the hell sounded like:  “NOOOOOO!!”
She ignored me for the rest of the afternoon.  By the time I made it back home last night, she
had finally gotten over it.  Geeezzz…..what’s the big deal???

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Sunsets, Chasing a Piano and Bathing Silly”

  1. Hi Rose :)She cleans herself constantly, just like any other cat, but I bathe her because of the buildup of sebaceous secretions. All cats produce these normal oily secretions, but Cornish Rex don't have as much hair to absorb them as ordinary cats. She doesn't have the top coat, the guard hairs that other cats have. These oily secretions can make the coat look greasy and can even cause skin problems. I bathe her once a month which seems to do the trick.Bubble wrap is awesome!!! Lets hope that it works. :)Yes, Virginia is beautiful. We have it all, flat land, mountains, and beaches.

  2. Why are you always bathing Silly?I've never bathed our cats, so I just wonder, is she just a messy cat?Huh, bubble wrap, who'd a thunk it?Nice pics Tango, Virginia looks like a beautiful state.

  3. LOL…I wondered if anyone was going to notice all the stuff on my fridge.You wouldn't believe all the Scion stuff I had collected before I moved in here. The magnetic stuff is about all I have space for now.

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