Lots of chases, Client website issues and trying to read my cat’s mind

Teri had given me this little cat tunnel for Silly to play in.  Since she would never get in it, I put it away.
While organizing the other day, I pulled it back out.  Since she likes to get under the covers of the bed when she gets chilly and wants to sleep, I thought I would sew together one end of the tunnel, add a little blanket, and see if she would enjoy getting inside to sleep and cuttle in.
….but NO!  I spent half an hour neatly sewing up one end and look what she does with it!
I had a super long day yesterday.  I chased 3 Hondas, 2 Limos, 1 Baldwin Grand Piano, 1 piece of land (actually the owner of) and I found a Dodge that was slated for repossession by accident.  When I was about to upload the reports and photos, the company’s website was having issues, so everything that I had put in was deleted.  The website still wasn’t fixed by last night.  I was up until midnight putting my reports in forms and then e-mailing them to the company.  Phew….I sure hope they fix this soon.  It’s really time-consuming doing it this way.
Since the days are getting shorter, my solar lights on the outside don’t last very long.  By the time I make it home at around 9:30 PM, they have petered out to nothing.  When I got up on the steps to my home last night, it felt kind of weird when I stepped up and there was a strange wet sound under my boot.  At first, I freaked out a bit thinking that I had stepped on some poor animal by mistake.  When I got inside and turned the light on, I saw the three tomatoes on my steps.  One of them a bit damaged. LOL, this morning I was scraping tomato off of my boot.
Kenny, please thank your Mom for bringing me my favorite fruit! 🙂
Mmmhhh…..I’ve been boil free for a while now.  I wonder what’s going on that’s different than before?  Maybe it was all weight related like so many things?
I have no clue and just hope that things stay this way.
It’s so nice to live pain-free.  I have not had a migraine headache in months,  Blood pressure is normal.  My left shoulder and elbow have stopped hurting.  I seem to be able to stand heat much easier.  I don’t need any help getting to sleep at night.
All I take now is my daily dose of 5-HTTP and a multi vitamin.
I hope it keeps on working!  I’m still losing weight, but much slower now.  I can tell by my clothes.  I don’t get on the scales very often now because I would just get down in the dumps if I don’t see the needle move too much.
LOL, I actually say “no, thank you” when someone brings or orders pizza at work.  If I do eat a piece, it’s just one and I don’t feel the need to eat the whole thing as if they won’t make any more….EVER. This is a first for me.
I’ve got a couple of chases lined up for tomorrow.  They are on opposite ends of the world, so I’m waiting to see what else I can get in to fill in the miles in between and do them all at once tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I’ll research them tonight so I’ll be armed with as much information as possible before I get there.
I hope work will be busy tonight, I hate it when it’s slow!!

6 thoughts on “Lots of chases, Client website issues and trying to read my cat’s mind”

  1. 90% of all aches and pains I've ever had in life were cause by excess weight. It's just awful. My whole family has the same problem…except of course for my son. T-Jay is thin as a rail. LOL…wish I could import some of HIS genes.Silly keeps me laughing. Right now she's trying to get close to my lamp because of the heat.

  2. I'm glad to hear that you are feeling so fit and healthy. I've been feeling like crap, ironically ever since I gave up smoking. I've gained a few pounds which feels very uncomfortable so that will be my next mission.Your cat makes me laugh 🙂

  3. Rose….I love to be busy!!!I used to have migraines 3, 4, times a week and the pain was terrible. If I was driving I would have to pull over because I would horrible tunnel vision.When my sister is trying to lose weight, she will go on the scale every morning. I can't do that….it's just too depressing when nothing seems to be happening.It's funny, I have 6 pockets in my jeans and now I'm able to carry even more stuff on me plus put my gun in the waist band without any problems.

  4. Haha that made me laugh! Our cats used to do that. We had those beds with hoods on them and they always crushed them down and laid on the top.I'm glad you are feeling better too.

  5. Yeah, way better to be busy than to be bored.Wow, nice to be without migraines, I've only had a few, and that was PLENTY!I think that you're wise to go by the fit of your jeans rather than the scale. Jeans don't lie. LOL.

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